How To Save Home From Foreclosure

How to save home from foreclosure is a site for those needing help and getting it firsthand from a home owner who stopped foreclosure on their own without an attorney or realtor.

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         What's Inside the Crash Course

foreclosure process & foreclosure timeline Foreclosure Process/ Timeline

home loan modification assistance Video 2 - Foreclosure Plan Revealed!

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Also Included in Course (downloadable files):
  • Action Plan
  • Postponement Document
  • Postponement Facts
  • Postponement FAQs
  • Foreclosure Plan
  • Foreclosure Process & Timelines
  • Monthly Budget
  • House Challenge Pros/Cons
  • 2011 Housing Crisis - Better or Worse
  • HUD Short Sale & Payoff Guidelines
  • Mortgage & Foreclosure Rights
  • Produce The Note Postponement Option
  • Trustee Sale
  • How to Write a Hardship Letter
  • Web Resources
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Learn about Bankruptcy too...

 - Have concerns about bankruptcy?

 - Do you wonder if bankruptcy would be better 
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This is another firsthand look at the bankruptcy process. You'll be able to get the 10,000-foot view and be able to further assess what might be the best plan for you! Again I lay out the details of what you should know while reviewing bankruptcy as an option so you can come out with the best case scenario by knowing ahead of time how to prepare and plan before taking that first step.

What you'll find in this video are answers to commonly asked questions about foreclosure:

  • Does bankruptcy stop foreclosure?
  • How long can I stay in my home without making a payment?
  • Are there programs to stop foreclosure?
  • Do I need an attorney to stop foreclosure?
  • How long can I stay in home before or after foreclosure?
  • How long can I stay in home after sheriff's sale?
  • How long can I stay in home after trustee sale?
  • How do I stop foreclosure?
  • Can an attorney, lawyer stop foreclosure?
  • Can HUD stop foreclosure?
  • Who can help a homeowner stop foreclosure?
  • Can I get a loan after foreclosure?
  • What are the benefits of short sales, deed in lieu?
  • Short sale vs. deed in lieu?
  • How will foreclosure affect my credit score?
  • How long does foreclosure stay on your credit report?
  • Can I get a loan modification to stop foreclousre?
  • How do I get a loan modification?
  • Can I stop foreclosure by myself?
  • What is the loss mitigation department?
  • What is a hardship letter?
  • How to avoid foreclosure?
  • How long can I go without making a mortgage or home payment?
  • When will I have to move after foreclosure?
  • Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure?
  • How you can legally stay in your home for as long as possible
    (18 months or more) WITHOUT making a house payment!

You can finally STOP WORRYING & save your home from foreclosure.

All of the home foreclosure tips, legal documents, sample hardship letter, step-by-step guide, bonus Bankruptcy Ebook and more is available for only $97 FREE - I'M PAYING IT FORWARD
You don't have to face your lender by yourself without knowing what to expect.

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Website key questions: stop foreclosure now or learn about loans to stop foreclosure and get foreclosure assistance through a stop foreclosure program. You will need to stop foreclosure and may find HUD or as a useful resource. There aren't very many stop foreclosure government programs most options are created by creative lenders. To stop foreclosure and or bankruptcy you may be in a Pre foreclosure state where mortgage delinquencies can affect your credit score. Stopping foreclosure is easier than you think and can be achieved with a loan modification. You may be asking how does foreclosure work and what does a foreclosure timeline look like? To get help stop home foreclosure you need to ask the right foreclosure questions and whether there are foreclosure alternatives. There are many loan programs available such as deed in lieu of foreclosure, take over payments, or a short sale to name a few during the foreclosure process. If I sell my house what is the foreclosure process for a home? Do I need a hardship letter? Where can I find a sample hardship letter, foreclosure letter, financial hardship letter, or letter of hardship also known as a short sale hardship letter, hardship letter loan modification, debt hardship letter. Do you offer assistance on how to write a hardship letter?

My REAL LIFE Foreclosure Story - Entrepreneur turned Foreclosure Maven

How To Save Home from foreclosure
website offers a Foreclosure CRASH Course Video to help homeowner's stop foreclosure.There's plenty of information available about short sales, deed in lieu, sheriff's sales, loan modifications and more -- TRUST ME I know -- I combed many websites and MOST were from third parties, NOT people who have actually gone through the process and overcome foreclosure! Quickly learn the foreclosure process and timeline to help you avoid foreclosure and stay in your home.


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How To Save Home From Foreclosure Fan Page

Get your information FIRSTHAND from someone who has faced foreclosure and overcome it! After the economic crash, I was forced to close a company I had built from the ground up. This eventually led to bankruptcy not only for my business but also caused a personal bankruptcy even though I had excellent personal credit due to my finances being intertwined with the business. During this time, I had now been faced with no job or income and became another member of society requiring unemployment assistance. It was very difficult to find employment as so many had already lost their jobs. I was told I was over qualified and remained on unemployment for a year until finally being offered a position with a new company. The dramatic change from being the owner and president of a corporation to the unemployment line was a pride altering moment to say the least. My husband also faced several employment set backs due to job cuts that eventually landed us amongst the sea of people facing the foreclosure tsunami.

We had heard of six families within our neighborhood and two more within a block that were facing foreclosure but I just knew it could never happen to our family. We were after all financially secure; we had savings & 401Ks to fall back on so the thought never crossed my mind that I could become another victim to the housing crisis but when the 30 ft swells began to crash in on us, doubts began to surface. You may be able to overcome one wave but just like in a tsunami you can't survive wave after wave. Eventually something has to give or break!

When the final wave hit, we were faced with a foreclosure notice; I wasn't going to lay down without a fight and so my research began on how to save my home from foreclosure. I wanted to keep the home my children had grown up in and remain in the school district where they had made so many friends. It wasn't until I spent what felt like a lifetime researching to get around the road blocks that repeatedly seemed to appear when trying to stop my home from being foreclosed on. I later realized looking back on it...if it took this long for me to get the answers I needed to avoid foreclosure surely there are many more like me trying to save their homes too that are coming up with the answers! But when I started to search for personal stories and those willing to pay it forward, I came up empty-handed. Why are we all performing the same task and not sharing with others?

That's when I realized if no one is willing to do it (due to pride, no available time to perform the task or the lack to see the help it could provide) and all we can rely on is third party information, which tends to offer 1 or 2 foreclosure options and doesn't help you to understand them ALL so you can weigh out a plan that fits YOUR situation...then why don't I?

I learned several options available and had the ability to weigh the pros and cons for each option, which truly makes a difference to you and your family. I had considered the options initially given to me by a realtor and my lender but had I chosen either one, I would have lost my house and been paying the same or more for a smaller residence. By becoming self-educated, I learned how to stop the sheriff's sale and eventually saved my home from foreclosure by successfully getting a home loan modification by re-amoritizing my loan, NOT refinancing. I’ll tell you everything learned from months of research, hours of reading, digging for every available option, dozens of phone conversations with the bank, attorneys, realtors, and foreclosure consultants.

Some of it WILL shock you!

Have a 2nd mortgage? Learn how to have it "forgiven" removed as a lien on your property BUT the order is crucial.

It's all in the the Foreclosure CRASH Course:

How To Save Home From Foreclosure video!

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I found a HIDDEN SECRET and used it to save my own home after a job loss. Some states allow you to stop foreclosure in 24 hours by filling out one document but NOBODY knows about it. walks a struggling homeowner through the stress and anxiety that foreclosure can bring by giving you step-by-step guidance. Let's face it...foreclosure isn't scary, NOT KNOWING HOW TO AVOID IT or WHAT MAY HAPPEN TO YOU IS! I've created an EASY, comprehensive plan to help homeowners who aren't getting the help they need or the RIGHT information necessary to keep their families in their homes.

Want to know how to avoid foreclosure when you've missed a payment(s)? I missed 12 mortgage payments and still stayed in my home after working out a remodification loan BUT you need to know what to do. Learn from my personal story. I owned a corporation and due to the economic downturn lost it which started a chain of events forcing me to become as educated as my lender so I knew how to save my home. offers several options available to homeowners to stop foreclosure from happening. Discover the legal document most people are never told exists to help them avoid the foreclosure sale / sheriff's sale / trustee sale and give them additional time to work out a loan modification. Get the details on how to apply for and GET a loan modification. You'll also get the inside scoop on what you SHOULD DO to get the best outcome from your lender and get ahead! I was turned down twice for loan modification assistance until I discovered the right formula. provides the paperwork you need to fill out and provide to your lender. Get the "legal" affidavit document that helps you stop foreclosure in 24 hours WITHOUT an attorney.

Learn the pros and cons to the Making Home Affordable loan modification, the latest Obama mortgage bailout Plan #31, Short Sales, Deed in Lieu and others. Which one is right for you? Learn in one place what they are and whether they are a good plan for your mortgage situation. You can keep your home, stop foreclosure and save your family's house the same way I did EXCEPT it won't take you months of information gathering.

How to save your home from foreclosure and stop your lender from continuing the sheriff's sale (trustee sale) is not available on just one website TILL NOW.  Many websites give you pieces of what you need to know about the process but they don't walk you through it; you end up with more questions and move on to the next site in search for more information and over considerable time you'll have lots of information but then WHERE DO YOU START? Do you turn to your lender, a realtor, an attorney? Find out HOW IT MAY END so you can choose for yourself which path is right for your situation. If you REALLY want to know WHAT FORECLOSURE IS, find out from someone who has faced it and won!